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Once Human – Evolution

31st December 2016 Thomas Nielsen

Since he left Machine Head a million years ago, Logan Mader has paid his music business dues in Soulfly, Stereo Black and now Once Human, and by having produced, mixed and mastered a long list of great [Read »]

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Khasm – Fenris (EP)

9th August 2016 Thomas Nielsen

Despite the title of the EP, Khasm are not a band from the high north. Au contrare, they are from Colmar in France. The only affiliation with Scandinavia, as far as I can see, is [Read »]

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Revocation – Great Is Our Sin

2nd August 2016 Liam Savage

I remember it as a moment of “love at first listen” when I heard Revocation for the first time.  It was for their song “No Funeral”, and I was totally taken aback by their fusion [Read »]

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DevilDriver – Trust No One

28th June 2016 Thomas Nielsen

Although there’s been a change of the guard in the ranks of DevilDriver, there’s actually not much new under the sun in terms of the musical output. This also means that those accustomed to the [Read »]

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Sludgehammer-The Fallen Sun

22nd June 2016 Megan McMillan

Hailing from Toronto, Sludgehammer, has unleashed their vicious thrash and groove metal infused style unto the world with the release of their 1st album, The Fallen Sun. From the get go, these guys demonstrate a [Read »]

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Deathrow – Life Beyond (Reissue)

8th June 2016 Liam Savage

After being out of print for over twenty years, metal reissue label extraordinaire Divebomb Records have released the sought-after final album of German technical thrash outfit Deathrow in “Life Beyond” (previously reissuing the band’s third [Read »]