Khasm – Fenris (EP)


Despite the title of the EP, Khasm are not a band from the high north. Au contrare, they are from Colmar in France. The only affiliation with Scandinavia, as far as I can see, is the producer of the EP. None other than Clawfinger keyboardist/Feared bassist Jocke Skog has twisted the knobs. Not that there should be any comparison with Clawfinger – Khasm don’t sound anything like them.

‘Fenris’ is a four-track effort, and what we get here is thrash metal in a fairly minimalistic form. The sounds basic, to-the-point and heavy. The tempo is varied between fast and mid tempo without ever taking your breath away. These are four excellent songs – and I’m guessing very suitable for enciting mosh pits in a live setting. Do not expect revolutions, simply basic and solid thrash metal.

The themes of the songs? A mixture of Norse mythology, social injustice and Game of Thrones as far as I can tell. Should suit most thrash fans out there.

Not at all a bad release from the French quartet – now we can just begin to wonder if they have it in them to put together a full album! I wouldn’t mind if they do!

Track listing:
01. Fenris
02. No More Justice
03. Nightwatch
04. Turmoil

Playing time: 12 minutes

Release date
: 31st of March, 2016

: None


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