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All Heavy Metal fans who are even remotely interested in the New Wave of British Metal will have come across the Tygers of Pang Tang at one point. So, what is left to say about these pioneers who started out in the early 1980s with bands like Def Leppard, Saxon, or Iron Maiden? Most fans are acquainted with them anyway. Those who are not, but who have become curious about the band only need to know that you are in for very Old School Heavy Metal, where the line between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal is a bit blurry, yet still melodic and occasionally influenced by a certain sleaze attitude. You had better expect a lot of spandex in the audience if you should ever have the chance to see them live! This is not to say that they are a serious Steel Panther version, it is just that the Tygers of Pang Tang celebrate exactly this particular time of Heavy Metal as you can hear in ‘Do It Again,’ where they relive their memories of the good old times.

Please do not make the mistake to discard them as a nostalgia act. Yes, there is nostalgia in their music, but it is also the music that they love and celebrate. This passion can be heard throughout their entire self-titled album. You can find it in the surprisingly fast ‘Never Give In’ and in the ballad ‘Praying For A Miracle.’ You can find it in every song, which is exactly what keeps this band relevant even today. They are both entertaining and provide that certain kick of energy that got the NWOBHM started! Old School Metal heads will likely love this particular album, and maybe some of the younger fans will love it as well! Eight devils!


1. Only The Brave
2. Dust
3. Glad Rags
4. The Reason Why
5. Never Give In
6. Do It Again
7. I Got The Music In Me
8. Praying For A Miracle
9. Blood Red Sky
10. Angel In Disguise
11. The Devil You Know

Playing Time: 44:57

Release Date: 24th March, 2017

Label: Restricted Release

Website: Tygers Of Pan Tang (Facebook)

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