A Tortured Soul – On This Evil Night


Every now and then there is a release that overwhelms me and reminds me of why I put so much free time in reviewing stuff. This month I got surprised by the fourth release of the Milwaukee Wisconsin based metal band A Tortured Soul. I already reviewed their third album in 2010 and awarded them with 89 points.

The music has a dark and spooky atmosphere and the songs have lyrical themes about darkness, horror and religion. Maya Khairallah is responsable for the vocals. He uses different styles of singing, a lower kind of dramatic clean singing style and a higher pitched style. The higher style makes me think of a combination of Rob Halford and King Diamond. Especially in some songs like for example “Dreams” he sounds a lot like King Diamond. That is a song that also has a lot of musical equalities with Mercyful Fate. In fact the music on this album is a combination of NWOBHM, because of the twin guitar parts and solos, power metal, US metal and thrash. Also doom could be added because of the dark atmosphere. Perhaps this album doesn’t take you by the balls after the first spin, but after a few more listening sessions it really blossoms. The songs are rather long, with a kind of variety reminding indeed of early Mercyful Fate. That variety is the reason you should listen a few times more before you experience the beauty and quality of the songs. The guitar riffs are rather heavy and give several songs a thrash vibe, “On This Evil Night”, “Smoke” and “Waiting For Death” are some examples. In other songs the band sounds more like a mix of Judas Priest with Mercyful Fate, “Crimson” and “Dreams” are songs I talk about then. Variety is a word that really should be written by capital letters, not only in tempo, but also in style. Most of the times the music is heavy but at times some softer parts appear. The beginning of “All Alone” could be on one of the early albums of Judas Priest,  ‘Sad Wings of Destiny’ period. When halfway the heavy riffs appear and the thrilling melodic twin guitar harmonies take over, you can’t believe it is the same song. I could write for hours and hours about every song, but I don’t think it would add anything extra to this review.

I have said enough about this album. If NWOBHM, power metal, thrash and a combination of Judas Priest and Mercyful Fate sounds good to you, you have to listen to this. Also fans of Hell and Heathendom might like this.


01. On This Evil Night
02. Crimson
03. Black Dragon
04. Dreams
05. All Alone
06. Smoke
07. Waiting For Death
08. The Ripper’s Curse
09. Mourning Son
10. Murdering

Playing time: 62:26

Release date: 29 July 2016

Label: Pure Steel Records

Website: www.facebook.com/atorturedsoul

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