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Cover To the Unknown

When I think about good Italian metal bands, only a few come to my mind. I actually know quite a lot, but most of them aren’t really my cup of tea. But nevertheless, I gave Sailing To Nowhere, a young band from Rome, a listen.

The first thought I had was: Lacuna Coil meets a trimmed version of Rhapsody. Well, a very trimmed version. But actually, the concept is similar to Lacuna Coil’s since there are two voices, a male and a female one, always singing in a duet – the beauty and the beast-concept. But like in Lacuna Coil, the female singer isn’t a classical trained opera diva, but a nice low mezzo.

There are some gems on “To The Unknown”, like “No Dreams In My Night” and “Sailing To Nowhere”. Also, the Anastacia cover “Left Outside Alone” really fits to Veronica Bultrini’s voice. And putting this song into a more rocking version makes it even better (since I usually can’t stand Anastacia’s voice).

But Sailing To Nowhere still have to learn a lot of things. Writing songs that are potential earbugs is a good start, but not everything. They have to become more structured and the songwriting isn’t really pleasing, the songs aren’t well-written but they are also not bad. If the band doesn’t deliver something better (I don’t even dare to say “something that wasn’t used before in their genre”), they will definitely go unsung.

Sailing To Nowhere definitely isn’t something new, it isn’t spectacular at all. You can give it a try, but it is not an album you must have listened to. Maybe somewhere, somewhen, I’ll finally find an Italian metal band which is able to win me over.


  1. No Dreams In My Night
  2. Big Fire
  3. Fallen Angel
  4. Lovers On Planet Earth
  5. You Won’t Dare
  6. Strange Dimension
  7. Sailing To Nowhere
  8. Sweet Rain
  9. Left Outside Alone (Anastacia Cover)

Playing time: 45:50

Release date: 16 October, 2015

Label: Bakerteam Records

Website: Sailing To Nowhere @ Facebook

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