Burning Point – The Blaze


Less than one and a half year ago the first album with singer Nitte Valo was released. Back then it was a question if Nitte would be a permanent member. Now we know better, again she puts a big stamp on the melodic power metal. With her rather aggressive raw edged singing style she gives the band a face. Her style hasn’t changed and is similar to what she did in her former band Battle Beast. Still her singing is in a same style as Leather Leone (Chastain).

The tempo in the songs varies from fast to mid tempo to rather slow threatening songs like for example “My Spirit”. The start of “My Spirit” reminds me of Dio. Guitar tandem Pete and Pekka form an excellent guitar wall and similarities with Judas Priest are there in several songs. “Chaos Rising” is perhaps the biggest example, not only the music but also the high singing style of Nitte sees to the Priest comparison. One of my other favorite tracks is the slow galopping song “Lost In Your Thoughts”. Again the band found a nice mix between melody,  catchy refrains and heavy metal pieces. For all the old metal fans the last cover track of metal queen Lee Aaron will be a fine  remembrance of the good old times.

Fine melodic metal album with enough edgy riffs and a good follow up of their 2015 album ‘Burning Point’.




01. Master Them All
02. The Time Has Come
03. Incarnation
04. My Spirit
05. The Lie
06. Dark Winged Angel
07. Chaos Rising
08. Lost In Your Thoughts
09. Things That Drag Me Down
10. The King Is Dead, Long Live The King
11. Metal Queen (bonus track; Lee Aaron cover)

Playing time: 44:00

Release date: 25 November

Label: AFM Records

Website: www.burning-point.com

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