Primal Fear – Rulebreaker



Most fans will agree with me when I say that Heavy Metal is about more than just speed and electric guitars. It is about that certain feeling it conveys, that feeling that tickles you deep down inside and gives you that certain shudder we all love so much. Not every new album can live up to the promise to deliver this particular feeling, but fortunately Primal Fear’s latest release “Rulebreaker” is more than able to do just that.

If you love relatively slow paced, but still powerful Heavy Metal then already the first song “Angel of Mercy” will give you that certain feeling. It is not super-fast paced Heavy Metal, but there is that certain groove that Heavy Metal fans in general and Old School Metal fans in particular love so much about their music. And the groove goes on and on just as it should. This is also why Primal Fear’s song “In Metal We Trust” works. The song title alone creates a certain expectation, but does not disappoint! It is very fast for this style of Heavy Metal and an impressive display concerning the question as to what Heavy Metal means to Primal Fear. Maybe this trust in Heavy Metal is also what lead Primal Fear to write the extremely long “We Walk Without Fear”, or “At War With The World”?

All in all “Rulebreaker” is anything but a rule breaker. In fact it follows all the rules that make this kind of album work. One can definitely expect to see a lot of fists pumping in the air and lots of headbanging at a Primal Fear gig. No doubt about that. 9 devils!

Track list:

  1. Angels Of Mercy
  2. The End Is Near
  3. Bullets & Tears
  4. Rulebreaker
  5. In Metal We Trust
  6. We Walk Without Fear
  7. At War With The World
  8. The Devil In Me
  9. Constant Heart
  10. The Sky Is Burning
  11. Raving Mad

Playing time: 53:19

Release date: 22 January, 2016

Label: Frontiers Music srl

Website: Primal Fear (Facebook)

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