Messenger – Threnodies


Messenger couldn’t have chosen a more fitting title for their second album… Seven melancholic songs about lamentation for the dead that operates somewhere in the sphere of post rock, Floyd’ism, Black Sabbath, classic rock and with a few psychedelic influences as well.

They are often compared to Radiohead and the comparisons is justified, but they are thankfully not just another copycat. No both bands operates within the same confines, but both has their own take on things and their own sound.

“Threnodies” is an album made for the long dark winter evenings; crawl into the corner of your couch and listen to music all night long. Preferably with the lights turned down and the music blasting thru your headphones.

The journey is introvert, deep into the soul, and Messenger has made a strong album that given time opens up and shows its true colours. But you need to give this one a few spins before you’ll discover all the layers of gloom and darkness.

“Threnodies” is an interesting piece of music, not exactly what I would have expected from InsideOut Music – but interesting never-the-less.



  1. Calyx
  2. Oracles of War
  3. Baleric Blue
  4. Celestial Spheres
  5. Nocturne
  6. Pareidolia
  7. Crown of Ashes

Playing Time: 46:06

Release date: April 22, 2016

Label: InsideOut Music


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