Knifeworld – Bottled Out of Eden


I am not sure why I keep doing this… Knifeworld didn’t impress me at all with their latest album “The Unravelling” from 2012. So why did I have the need to do this to me once more?

First of all because InsideOut Music normally get things right! They do take the chance on many bands that are hyped in the underground and in most of the cases the hype is justified. In the case of Knifeworld the word had spread before their InsideOut debut in 2012, but their style heavily inspired by the early days of prog, late 60s and early 70s, as well as a solid portion of psychedelic sounds, found it’s fans, but polarized the prog community at the same time.

The heavy use of various wind instruments and the unique tone in Kavus Torabi’s voice are the things I often hear as the main reasons why people are turned off. But both are an integrated and significant part of the rather unique sound they present.

So have they turned the page and made an album that will rock the prog rock community? No not at all – they might sound more raw and in-your-face on this new album, which I think fit their style well. But I do, like so many others, still have issues with their overall sound, it simply strikes a nerve with me.

Knifeworld do present something different than most, and they do sound like no other band, it’s just not my thing… Sure they are talented and true to their roots, but this is too spacey and psychedelic for my taste!



  1. High/Aflame
  2. The Germ Inside
  3. I Am Lost
  4. The Deathless
  5. Foul Temple
  6. Vision of the Bent Path
  7. I Must Set Fire to Your Portrait
  8. Lowered into Necromancy
  9. A Dream about a Dream
  10. Secret Words
  11. Feel the Sorcery

Playing Time: 49:29

Release date: April 22, 2016

Label: InsideOut Music


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