Album Reviews

Blues Pills – Lady in Gold

9th August 2016 Kenn Jensen

Of all the many retro rock bands that have popped up left and right in recent years, no one has had a more sensational rise to fame than Blues Pills. They have worked hard for [Read »]

Album Reviews

Purson – Desire’s Magic Theatre

11th June 2016 Kenn Jensen

Purson is one of the most hyped rock bands in 2016. Their style fits the trend of 2016 perfectly, and many have been singing their praise before this, their second album, “Desire’s Magic Theatre” was [Read »]

Album Reviews

Glowsun – Beyond the Wall of Time

21st June 2015 James

Glowsun is an instrumental psychedelic band from Lille, France. They’re set to release their album “Beyond the Wall of Time” on the 26th of June. Something that caught my attention is that they really, really like [Read »]

Album Reviews

Atavismo – Desintegración

19th June 2015 James

Atavismo is a space rock band from Algeciras, Spain. Their album “Desintegración” was released on the 16th of June, and I’m pretty into it. Like many bands of this kind of genre, Atavismo’s thing is [Read »]