Rise Above – All That Is Solid…


Rise Above is a 5-piece hardcore band hailing from the Netherlands. With members that also play(ed) in other bands such as Disabuse, Chaos Front, Colt Impact, Bateren, and Cry Terror. The band is rather known in the local live seen, playing shows with First Blood, Brutal Obscenity, MDC and Neuroot a.o.

The music sounds like hardcore should sound like, a big punch in your face! Aggressive, groovy and gang shoutings not very complicated to shout along with. Another fact and surplus is that the lyrics are well overthought about interesting subjects. Singer Roy Oonk has the perfect sound and singing style for a hardcore act. The riffs sound rather low tuned and straight in your face  with a thrash vibe. If you want me to describe the music, I would say a mix of Agnostic Front, Pro-Pain and some Slayer, and even some sludgy riffs appear like for instance in “Like A Disease”.  Rise Above didn’t invent something new, but who needs that within the hardcore scene…

One thing is sure though, this is a fine album and it will not be easy to not disappear in a moshpit during one of their shows…


01. Breath
02. Shiver
03. Overcome
04. Life Back
Five Reasons
06. Hold On
07. Glory Days
08. Time To See
09. Like A Disease
10. Said And Done


Playing time: 30:00

Release date: 2016

Label: Big Bad Wolf Records

Website: www.rise-above.nl

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