Phrenetix – Fear



Not a lot will be familiar with this thrash metal band from Lithuania, I for sure wasn’t. The first acquaintance with the band however is a pleasant one. The band has thrash from the eighties as influences and that sounds like music to my ears. The songs are fast and the riffing tight and galopping. On top of that, they add very melodic guitar solos. Bands like Anthrax, Megadeth, Artillery and Suicidal Tendencies are some that enter my mind.

In my opinion, the most interesting part of this album are the vocals. If you listen for the first time and don’t know better you could think it is a male with rather harsh high pitched vocals. Listening a bit better, you can hear that Lina is responsable for the singing. Her voice sometimes reminds me of John Connelly (Nuclear Assault), she does a really fine job. Some songs on this album are re-recorded songs of their 2013 demo (the ones marked with the *), the other ones are new written tracks for this debut album. From start to finish, the music sounds like a warm coat in the winter. You have the idea of listening to stuff you already have in your collection for years. Sometimes that isn’t a surplus, because you have heard it all before and there are no new things to discover. This time it doesn’t bother me at all. The melodic solos in the song “Fear” are excellent and it is impossible not to bang your head or jump up and down.

Fans of Municipal Waste and Havok can also buy this album shielded.


01. Ruined By Ambision
02. Time To Act
03. Posera*
04. Piece Of Lie
05. Unconscious Game*
06. Fear
07. Muddy Tale*
08. Art Of Jail*

Playing time: 37:00

Release date: 11 November, 2015

Label: Infernö Records


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