Iron Kingdom – Ride For Glory



Heavy Metal has always been a very traditional genre where old trends never really seem to die. This is also why it is not surprising to hear a modern Heavy Metal album that sounds like it is straight from the NWOBHM from the early 80s with a good deal of Power Metal thrown in for good measure. Unfortuntately I cannot shake the feeling that the Power Metal aspect is also what kept the album from reaching its full potential. Yes, there is nothing wrong with a musician showing off his technical skills, but technical skills are not everything. Music is simply about more than technical prowess, it is about feelings. Iron Kingdom still manages to convey some those feelings, but only to a certain degree, and that is exactly what keeps them from reaching their full potential. The song “Sumurai” illustrates this perfectly. There sure is a certain vibe, a certain feeling about the song, but it is not as intense as it should be for a great song.

But what am I saying? Listen to the song for yourself, and make up your own mind!


01 On The Eve of Battle
02 Leif Erikson
03 Ride For Glory
04 Lady Trieu And The Kingdom Of Wu
05 The Samurai
06 Night Attack
07 A Call To Arms
08 The Veiled Knight

Playing time: 40:14

Release date: 30 July, 2015

Label: Independent

Website: Iron Kingdom (Facebook)

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