Hammerking – King Is Rising


This is the follow up of their 2014 debut album with the original title ‘Kingdom of the Hammer King’. These Germans play true power metal with no single original note or riff. That doesn’t make their music bad, but also not really interesting.

Galopping riffs in Maiden style combined with twin guitars, choirs and high vocals are the ingredients. Perhaps you can describe their music as a less catchy and a bit heavier version of Hammerfall. King and hammer are words they are very fond of and in several tracks like for example “Reichshammer’ there are a few more Manowar influences as well. I can make this a very long review, but I will not. I have other things to do and any more words would not add anything to it.

If you like good produced galopping power metal and don’t give a damn about originality, take a listen!



01. King Is Rising
02. Last Hellriders
03. For God and the King
04. Warrior’s Reign
05. Reichshammer
06. Kingbrother
07. Battle Gorse
08. Kill the Messenger
09. The Hammer Is the King
10. Viva ‘La King
11. Battalions Of War
12. Eternal Tower Of Woe

Playing time: 48:00

Release date: 11 November 2016

Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

Website: www.facebook.com/hammerking

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