Degial – Savage Mutiny


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Degial hails from Sweden and this is their second album. In 2012, they released ‘Death’s Striking Wings’ and this new album is the logical musical predecessor. Degial doesn’t play in the typical Swedish death metal style, it sounds more old school. A bit like Sadus playing death metal or a mix of Morbid Angel, Dissection, Possessed, Motörhead and Darkthrone.

At times, some black metal influences appear and it all sounds very dark and morbid. The vocals sound very aggressive, more leaning towards black metal than death metal. The guitar riffs are quite original, but that sees to it that the music isn’t very catchy. You could even call some songs a bit progressive if you want. This makes the style of Degial rather original, but this is also their pitfall. On top of that, the production isn’t top notch, but I think that is done on purpose, to create a more old school sound. A lot of original ideas pass by, but after the entire album is over, there isn’t a song or riff that I remember.

Somehow this isn’t a style I like, but there has to be a fan base for this rather original sounding kind of death metal music.


01. Doomgape
02. Savage Mutiny
03. Incoiling Chaos
04. Deathsiege
05. Pallor
06. Revenants
07. Sanguine Thirst
08. Transgression

Playing time: 34:00

Release date: 25 December, 2015

Label: Sepulchral Voice Records


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