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Florida has always been a good soil for death metal bands, not only Obituary but also Malevolent Creation are settled there. If counted correctly, this is their 12th album. Since their debut “The Ten Commandments”, an average of 1 album every second year, this is a rather regular effort. Malevolent Creation never turned far away from their basic sound, fans always know what to expect. The first song “Dead Man’s Path” did fool me a bit, because it is, for Malevolent Creation standards, a very slow song. Fortunately, the tempos increase a lot in the songs to follow.

The next song opens in Slayer style and the third track “Corporate Weaponry’ follows with nice blasts and some mid-tempo pieces for the welcome variety. “Blood Of the Fallen” has again a kind of Slayer vibe and some strong riffing. Next song “Resistance Is Victory” sounds even more brutal and agressive and this musical massacre keeps going on until “Face Your Fear”. “Extinction Personified” has some slower mid-tempo parts and “Fragmental Sanity” is again a real old school piece of death metal. The last track “Face Your Fear” is a groovy song with mid-tempo riffs and has some Six Feet Under influences.

Dan Swäno’s production is spot on and new drummer Justin DiPinto shows that he is the right man for the job. Fans of the band will be pleased and have something to enjoy in the next few months.


01. Dead Man’s Path
02. Soul Razer
03. Imperium (Kill Force Rising)
04. Corporate Weaponry
05. Blood Of The Fallen
06. Resistance Is Victory
07. 12th Prophecy
08. Extinction Personified
09. Fragmental Sanity
10. Face Your Fear
11. Carnivorous Misgivings*
12. Dominated Resurgency*

*  Bonus tracks of the digipak and the LP-version.

Playing time: 44:00

Release date: 2 October, 2015

Label: Century Media Records


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