Dare – Sacred Ground


Former Thin Lizzy keyboard player Darren Wharton switched attention when they broke up, and created his own project: Dare. Here he’s the main vocalist and song writer, and the music is also more polished and “pretty”.

Over the years they have been a big part of the AOR scene, and have released solid efforts, but will forever be chasing their famous debut album “Out of the Silence” from 1988. A modern day AOR classic, and a source of inspiration for many acts to follow.

First class AOR is sadly far, far between these days, so it’s a joy when one of the dinosaurs of the genre delivers an album that has all the trademarks we crave for in an AOR album; the combination of melodic rock and hard rock, with strong catchy hooks and memorable choruses, without being too predictable and cheesy. Dare has off course spiced it a bit up with Celtic influences, which has thankfully been toned down a bit on this album.

“Sacred Ground” is one of the best AOR albums in recent years and while it might not reach the same high standard they set with their debut album, it’s still up there with “Calm Before the Storm”, which in my book is a stamp of approval.

Good one!


  1. Home (4:44)
  2. I’ll Hear You Pray (4:20)
  3. Strength (4:16)
  4. Every Time We Say Goodbye (4:01)
  5. Days of Summer (3:44)
  6. On My Own (3:15)
  7. Until (3:58)
  8. All Our Brass Was Gold (3:48)
  9. You Carried Me (4:11)
  10. Like the First Time (4:18)
  11. Along the Heather (4:01)

Playing Time: 46:23

Release date: July 15, 2016

Label: Legend Records

Website: Dare @ Facebook

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