Cowards – Still


Now, this is a mixture of music I can’t really stand at length and music I find brilliant. How’s that?

Well, this French sludge/hardcore outfit does a Fuck the Facts style hardcore thing which is of course extreme, but also a bit tiring eventually. All that shouting gets to me, even if there are some really evil grooves at play here.

But I’d say that Cowards don’t seem to be like any ol’ hardcore or sludge band. On this EP, there’s something they claim is a cover of The Police’s Every Breath You Take. Only, it’s called You Belong To Me (as in one of the lines from Every Breath You Take). And I can for my life not recognise the song. Not at all. Weird.

And then there’s another cover. The band covered is called The Horrorist (never heard of them) and the song is called One Night In NYC (never heard of it), but Cowards have of course (?) renamed it into something else, namely One Night In Any City. This is one of the coolest songs I’ve listened to in a long time! An ultra simple groove, spoken lyrics, and then a kind of explosion at the end. Try it!

So, yeah, a bit of extreme stuff, which grows boring, a bit of weird stuff, which is just weird, and then some very cool grooves and an equally cool cover tune. Hard to rate in a fair way, to be honest. But, again, do try it.

01. Still (Paris Most Nothing)
02. Let Go
03. Like Us
04. You Belong To Me
05. One Night In Any City

Playing time: 19 minutes

Release date: 2nd of December, 2016

Label: Deadlight Entertainment


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