Sinister – Dark Memorials



Dutch death metal icons Sinister celebrate their 25th anniversary with releasing an album with cover songs. All songs are from bands that influenced them, they like or that inspired them. Of course a lot of death metal and a few thrash bands. Slayer, Kreator, Sepultura, Carcass, Death, Autopsy and some more.

What they do correct is that they don’t just try to copy the original, but they make them sound as Sinister songs. The guttural grunt of Adrie Kloosterwaard is the biggest reason for that and the guitar sound does the rest. Toep Duin his drums are very tight and he sounds like a real drum monster. In general I’m not so enthusiastic about albums with cover songs, but because they give the songs a Sinister make-over every fan of the band will enjoy it.

As a bonus they added two re-recorded tracks with former guitarist Ron van de Polder and if you buy the digipack, you get a Bonus DVD ‘Austrian Darkness’- a road movie on top of that.


01. The Malicious (Intro)
02. Beneath The Remains (Sepultura Cover)
03. Exhume To Consume (Carcass Cover)
04. Unleashed Upon Mankind (Bolt Thrower Cover)
05. Master Killer (Merauder Cover)
06. Beyond The Unholy Grave (Death Cover)
07. Under The Guillotine (Kreator Cover)
08. Ridden With Disease (Autopsy Cover)
09. Necrophiliac (Slayer Cover)
10. Radiation Sickness (Repulsion Cover)
11. Blasphemies Of The Flesh (Carnage Cover)
12. Spiritual Immolation (re-recorded) (Bonus)
13. Compulsory Resignation (re-recorded) (Bonus)

Playing time: 44:21

Release date: 26th June, 2015

Label: Massacre Records


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