Septagon – Deadhead Syndicate


Markus Ullrich and Jürgen Schrank both known from Lanfear, Markus Becker (Atlantean Kodex), Alexander Palma and Stef Binnig Gollub form this German band.

After an intro, the first track “Revolt Against the Revolution” sets off and immediately the vocals of Markus B. have a rather familiar sound. He could be a twin brother of Joey Belladonna and when he uses a more raw voice like in “Secret Silver Panorama Machine” Dave Mustaine isn’t far away.  The music is a mix of power, speed and thrash metal with a lot of room for melody. There is enough variety in tempo and due to the excellent solos the album doesn’t bore any moment. The music is a mix of Anthrax, Megadeth, Paradox, Heathen, Iced Earth completed with a lot of melody.

With “Henchman Of Darkness” there is also a (short) ballad present. Another interesting part is the gang singing in “Deadhead Syndicate”, which reminds a bit of Savatage. This is an interesting album for power and speed metal fans, due to the lots of melody, the die – hard thrash fan will perhaps find it a little bit too soft, but you could also give it a try.


01. Ignite the Apocalypse
02. Revolt Against the Revolution
03. Exit…Gunfire
04. Ripper
05. Septagon Conspiracy
06. Henchman Of Darkness
07. Deadhead Syndicate
08. Unwanted Company
09. Secret Silver Panorama Machine


Playing time: 39:32

Release date: 5 February 2016

Label: Cruz Del Sur


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