Saga – Pleasure & the Pain (2016 Edition)


All Saga albums from “The Beginner’s Guide to Throwing Shapes” (1989) to “10,000 Days” (2007) have been remastered and the release of all 11 albums spans 12 months. The album we’ve received is their 1997 album “Pleasure & the Pain”, which also happens to be my least favourite Saga release of them all.

With the exception of their outstanding concept album “Generation 13” from 1995, there really isn’t much to cheer about on any of the albums from 1989 all the way to their 1999 album “Full Circle”. I have always felt that they really struggled to find a clear direction and style for the band and their albums were all over the place in the 90’s.

On this album, which I have the pleasure and the pain (pun intended) to listen to they are experimenting with a harder and edgier sound, as well as almost industrial sounds and electro-beats, and fails miserably! They even manage to slaughter their own classic “You’re Not Alone”. “Where’s My Money?” is in my book the worst Saga song ever…!

This is Saga at their very lowest, and even though I cherish most of the material, this is not an album I enjoy that much. Best moments are actually the two live songs, recorded on their last tour and album opener and live favourite “Heaven Can Wait”.

Should you be missing this one in your Saga collection (with good reason), here’s a chance to get it with an upgraded sound, which is the only reason for a purchase if you ask me.


  1. Heaven Can Wait (6:16)
  2. How Do You Feel? (4:07)
  3. Welcome to the Zoo 4:30)
  4. Where’s My Money (5:19)
  5. You’re Not Alone ’97 (4:19)
  6. Taxman (3:38)
  7. You Were Made For Me (3:46)
  8. Gonna Give It To Ya (3:57)
  9. Fantastically Wrong (5:49)
  10. Pleasure and the Pain (2:38)
  11. Time To Go [Live] (4:11)
  12. You’re Not Alone [Live] (5:59)

Playing Time: 54:36

Release date: January 22, 2016

Label: Earmusic


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