Saga – Live in Hamburg


Saga has been a steady presence in my music world since the early 1980s, and I have had the opportunity to see them live on numerous occasions and they never failed to impress live on stage. So a live album should be the right thing for me now, right?

To be honest – this is live release number EIGHT, and do we really need a new live album now…? “Spin It Again – Live in Munich” is only three years old, and they have only released one album in-between (which btw. included a live album on the limited edition). Saga is a force on stage and the quality of the songs is as always at a very high level. But I do question the need for another live album now…

If you look at the release isolated then it’s as expected; a very tight band delivering the goods live on stage, an audience loving each and every moment – solid! The classic songs everyone want to hear are there and the sound quality is good.

If I had to choose, I would probably put one of the other seven live albums on; “In Transit” or “The Chapters Live” most likely, and even as a hardcore fan I might not rush out to purchase this album.

It is what it says: Saga live!


  1. (Goodbye) Once Upon the Time
  2. Someone Should
  3. You’re Not Alone
  4. Hot To Cold
  5. On the Loose
  6. On My Way
  7. Scratching the Surface
  8. Time To Go
  9. I’ll Be
  10. Don’t Be Late, Drum Solo
  11. Wildest Dreams
  12. Ice Nice
  13. Humble Stance
  14. Careful Where You Step
  15. Wind Him Up
  16. The Flyer

Playing Time: 99:39

Release date: September 2, 2016

Label: Earmusic (Edel)


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