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Imagine being in a (successful) band and writing new songs. But the new songs sound completely different from what your band is used to play. But you like the songs and you need to record them. So, what now? The solution to the problem: Initiating a solo project. This is what Jonne Järvelä did and this solo project developed to a whole band (or supergroup, since members of Amorphis, Oceanwake and others are also involved). Nevertheless, the band is simply called Jonne and is releasing their first, self-titled album.

Jonne is definitely not Korpiklaani. But maybe it draws on what Korpiklaani used to be a long time ago: Shamaani Duo (which later developed to Shaman before it became Korpiklaani).  At least the sound of the album is described as “shamanistic folk music”. And this is actually a perfect description.

There is absolutely nothing that can be associated with metal. It’s just pure music made with acoustic and also special Finnish instruments. Together with the vocalists, a bonfire atmosphere is created and the chants could really be part of a shamanistic ritual.

Jonne is a perfect album to listen to while doing other important stuff, since it is not distracting or disturbing and although you don’t listen to it with full attention, you can easily sing along (well… at least hum along if you don’t master the finnish language). The songs are totally relaxing and even if the mood is nearly the same in every song, each song is unique.

I have to admit, I expected something similar to Korpiklaani, but I was positively suprised. Jonne Järvelä is just a great musician and he proves that in very different ways with different bands, but he puts his own handwriting on the music he writes. I really appreciate that and I am looking forward to what Jonne will bring us with the next album.


01. Viuluni Laulua Soutaa
02. Ken Söi Lapsen Lattialta?
03. Ämmänkuolema
04. Kuku Käki
05. Metsään On Iäksi Mieli
06. Tule Hiidestä Hevonen
07. Leppäyön Löyly
08. Joki
09. The Boxer (Simon & Garfunkel Cover)

Playing time: 40:58

Release date: 24 July, 2015

Label: Massacre Records

Website: Jonne @ Facebook

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