Izegrim – The Ferrymans End


I almost start to believe the expression: ‘If it isn’t Dutch it ain’t much. No seriously, it is just that I did review quite a few new Dutch albums lately. For sure I realize that some might start to think that I’m not objective because I’m Dutch, but can I help it that it is just good heavy music?

Three years ago Izegrim released a fine album called ‘Congress Of the Insane’ and with ‘The Ferrymans End’ they topped that release. Does the band play brutal thrash or is it almost death metal? Well, the music has not a lot in common with bands like Artillery, Izegrim is a lot heavier and brutal. The music is closer to a band like Carcass (‘Heartwork’) and Arch Enemy.

The brutal aggressive growling singing style of Marloes Voskuil and the sometimes devestating tempos also see to that. The production even sounds tighter and better than on the predecessor. Some very fast parts remind me of Bolt Thrower. The layered vocal parts in several songs with Marloes her own lower grunts in the back, sound very impressive and for those of you who like good fast and melodic guitar solos, eat your heart out.

Not only good musicianship in well written songs, also the lyrical theme about  the thoughts of a mentally unbalanced serial killer waiting for his execution is interesting. Marloes expresses his visions with her variable voice perfectly. There aren’t a lot of male singers that can compete with her. Izegrim shows that they are still improving and that the end still isn’t near. Nice one!



01. White Walls
02. Time To Run
03. Endless Desire
04. The Evil Within
05. Absolute Necessity
06. Reclaim My Identity
07. Insanity Is Freedom
08. Reflection Of Redemption
09. Through A Glass Darkly
10. Lost In Tranquillity
11. The Ferrymans End


Playing time: 41:00

Release date: 25 March 2016

Label: Listenable Records

Website: www.izegrim.nl

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