Enbound – The Blackened Heart


Five years have passed since Enbound released their debut album “And She Says Gold”, and here follows album number two: “The Blackened Heart”. They are still operating in the area between melodic metal and power metal with focus on powerful and strong melodylines and a catchy chorus.

“The Blackened Heart” is short, only 40 minutes, precise and razor-sharp melodic metal of the highest calibre. From the fast paced songs, thru the more softer and gentler aspects of this genre they offer us everything we could hope and wish for. One brilliant executed song follows another, the production is clear and the mastering done by Jacob Hansen brings it into the upper echelon of melodic metal releases in 2016.

The powerful riff attack leads the way on most of the songs, but the true heroes on the album are vocalist Lee Hunter aka Leif Säflund (Work of Art) and bass player Swede Odén. The bass work really stands out on this album, and it’s really refreshing to hear a band that leaves so much room for everyone to shine.

Ten rather short songs that go straight for the throat – power and melody in sweet harmony, what more can melodic metal fans wish for? Not much – very impressive if you ask me!

Best moments: “Falling”, “Feel My Flame”, “Twelve” and “They Don’t Really Know”.


  1. Falling (3:47)
  2. Give Me Light (3:30)
  3. Crossroad (4:13)
  4. Get Ready For (4:45)
  5. Feel My Flame (4:18)
  6. Twelve (5:28)
  7. Holy Grail (3:09)
  8. HIO (3:51)
  9. They Don’t Really Know (4:10)
  10. Make You So Unreal (3:12)

Playing Time: 39:56

Release date: November 18, 2016

Label: Inner Wound Recordings

Website: enbound.rocks

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