Dragonheart – The Battle Sanctuary



Holy F***, I didn’t see this one coming. In general, I’m rather sensible in picking new releases because I want to enjoy what I review. I expected some good power metal with rather cliché lyrics about wars and battles. Well, for the lyric part I was correct, but the music… pffff… Where shall I start….

The intro sounds promising, but then the first vocals torture my speakers. There are three different singing (if you can call it that) styles, the harsh one, the more screaming one and the clean one. None of the three is worth listening to and so false, I think my three year old cat can do better if you stand on her tail. The gang singing parts also sound bad and don’t invite to listen further either.

Now to the music. Average and below average battle power metal is what they serve. A kind of bad mixed version of Sabaton, Manowar, Accept and Grave Digger. After one spin I hardly dared to listen once again, but to be sure I was correct in my conclusion I struggled through it once more. Besides the points I already mentioned, the drums sound rather horrible as well. I know some fine bands hailing from Brazil, but this is definitely the worst one I know. I nominate this one for worst album of 2015. Below you’ll find one of the new songs to listen to and decide if I am too hard in my judgement.

I learned from this album that similar to a book, you can’t judge music by its cover alone.


01. Far From Heaven… Close To Hell
02. Black Shadow
03. The Arcane’s Palace
04. Inside the Enemy’s Mind
05. Forged In Metal
06. Battle Lines
07. Marching Under the Stars
08. Circle Of One
09. Kill the Leader
10. The Battle Sanctuary
11. Time Will Tell

Playing time: 58:00

Release date: 2 October, 2015

Label: Pitch Black Records

Website: www.facebook.com/dragonheartofficial

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