Butcher Babies – Take It Like A Man



Metal has always been more than just about the music. It is also about your attitude, about how you present your songs, about how much credibility you can bring across with your songs. Another element – let us not fool ourselves here – has always been the visual aspect. Leather, heavy boots, Metal shirts, denim jackets, and sometimes sex. I am sure that many female fans feel attracted to the classical male Heavy Metal stereotype, but there is also another Metal stereotype: The Glam Metal stereotype. And that is where we begin to approach “Butcher Babies” territory. When it comes to looks, at least.

Particularly the two female vocalists – both former Playboy radio and TV presenters who also look that way – draw a lot from the visual aspects of this particular Metal genre, while still rejecting the musical aspects. So, no, they are definitely not a Glam Metal band musical wise, but both vocalists are obviously aware of their visual appeal and both are not afraid to use it. They are obviously also well aware of the fact that they have more to offer than just good looks, though. Maybe that is also why the band decided to tone it down quite a bit. They dropped the “Slut Metal” label for their music and the vocalists started to wear actual clothes instead of duct tape. The sexual aspect is still there, but considerably toned down. A wise choice, if you ask me.

Music wise they seem to be influenced a lot by all forms of Modern Metal which will likely make many traditional Metal fans flinch, but that is where their very Old School Metal attitude comes into play:

“We all come from different places and backgrounds, but every member of this band had to fight to be the person he or she is today,” affirms co-vocalist Carla Harvey. “That’s the whole basis for the record. It’s not a gender thing. It’s the inner strength you have to find in order to pull your boots up and keep moving forward, whatever the situation may be.”

You can literally feel this attitude in their songs!

Old School Metal fans will probably find the album to be hard to digest, but there is still something very appealing about it. Yes, it is way more commercially oriented than many other albums, but is this really something that one should hold against a band? All in all I am willing to give 7 devils here. Old School Metal purists will definitely want to stay away from the album, though.


1 – Monsters Ball
2 – Igniter
3 – The Cleansing
4 – The Butcher
5 – Gravemaker
6 – Thrown Away
7 – Never Go Back
8 – Marquee
9 – Blood Soaked Hero
10 – Dead Man Walking
11 – For the Fight
12 – Blonde Girls All Look the Same

Playing time: 44:49

Release date: 21 August, 2015

Label: Century Media Records

Website: http://butcherbabiesofficial.com/

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