After All – Waves Of Annihilation


I just stayed a few days in Belgium in the beautiful Ardennes.  I knew that as soon as I was back home I needed to write a review of this Belgium ‘thrash’ band. Listening to ‘Waves of Annihilation’ I almost start to get jealous. Not only because the Belgium soccer team is playing the European Championship, but also because I haven’t heard a Dutch thrash/speed band lately with such a good release.

Everything is correct on this album, the sound, the songs, the riffs, the variety etc. etc. Sammy Pelemans high singing style sticks perfect to the music and the band Agent Steel is one that enters my mind a lot. Also Death Angel is a main influence of the band and of course all the Bay Area bands. Guitarists Dries van Damme and Christophe Depree torture us with one monster riff after another. That the band also listens to other styles can be heard in “None Can Defy”, a track with grunting parts and some devestating blast beats. “Restore to Sanity” is also a track with  grunts, but with some very good clean singing lines as well. After a lot of great (thrash) albums this might even be may favorite… yes even over Destruction, Death Angel and Flotsam and Jetsam… A lot will not agree perhaps, but who cares! By the way, this isn’t really thrash, I would call it speed metal! I can’t remember giving a band the maximum score….., but because I can’t give a half devil… I am forced to do it…

They always say about sex that you can not describe in words what you experience, this is also something that can be said about this album, so I stop writing about it. Buy it and enjoy!



01. Rejection Overruled
02. Target Extinction
03. The Unusual Sin
04. Fall In Line
05. None Can Defy
06. First Class Terror
07. Restore To Sanity
08. Lost In the Crowd
09. After the Hurt Is Gone
10. Destructive Force

Playing time: 43:00

Release date: 10 June 2016

Label: NoiseArt Records


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