After All – Rejection Overruled



Fans of this band have to hurry to buy themselves a copy of this 300-limited EP only available on vinyl. The two new songs and a new version of “Land of Sin” are there to make us hot for a new full length later this year. What’s new about the re-make of “Land of Sin” is that Andy La Rocque is invited for the solo.

More interesting are the two new songs and those two reallly make me look forward to the next album. Both tracks are very fast Bay Area influenced thrash songs. What I like most is the singing style of Sammy Peleman, his high vocals make me think of early Agent Steel and Toxik and this in combination with thrash with the melody of Testament makes my mouth water. Besides that he also uses his aggressive singing on the second track. Together with the tight in your face production of Dan Swanö and  nice Ed Repka artwork, a real must have for the die-hard fans.

That I only give 8 devils is because there are only two (excellent) new songs and not ten, otherwise it would have been a complete deck.


01. Rejection Overruled
02. None Can Defy
03. Land Of Sin

Playing time: 11:24

Release Date: 3rd Of July, 2015

Label: Sideburn Records


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