Stahlsarg – Comrades in Death


Stahlsarg emerged from Ipswich, Suffolk in 2013 when Metzger, Krieg and Destruction disbanded from Eastern Front. They were later joined by Eissturm and Eisenfaust forming the band. Metzger’s departure from the band earlier this year left the vocal responsibility to Eissturm in addition to the guitar. Their name comes from the German language – “stahl” which is “steel” and “sarg” means “coffin”, steel coffin. Steel coffin is often the moniker given to sunken U-boats (German submarines) and tanks that had been destroyed. You must have figured it out by now, the band has a very keen interest in history and their themes focus on WWI and WWII’s campaigns and battles.

It seems Stahlsarg have been making a lot of noise since the early point of their career; they have already participated in so many festivals, namely Warhorns, Wonnemond, Beermageddon, No Compromise Metal and Bloodstock Festival. Due to their recent signing, their debut album ÔÇ£Comrades in DeathÔÇØ will be released through the Danish label Mighty Music.

The groove and historical horror in “Comrades in Death” is discharged with a more modern approach which ensues the energetic transitions between death, thrash and black metal blasts – the atmosphere is further broadened by infusing eerie and dark classical bits at times. Upon listening, I was struck by the unique vocal ability Metzger was able to do – the ease of alteration from crisp blackened rasps, low death growls to thrashy high shrieks. A high point on this album.

The passion for what they do can be seen lyrically and musically. Their in-depth interest in the World Wars (especially WWII) are palpable and unmistakable in their lyrics, which are based on historic facts. Absorbing this album is like listening to classic death/black metal bands reinvented with contemporary clarity, although it should not come as a surprise as the album was produced and mastered by Danny B. Takoma (Criminal, Napalm Death, Lockup) of HVR studios.

It is not often that a relatively new band gets to share the same stage with Mayhem and be commended by Hellhammer – I might have to agree with him. Although one needs to dig deeper into the historic lyrics about the war between the Russians and the Germans, one does not need to dig too deeply to observe the superb and remarkable quality. It is a breath of fresh air.


01. Razed to the ground
02. Seelow Heights
03. From factory to fortress of rubble & iron
04. Damocles XIII
05. Wolves of the sea
06. Under the shadow of the silver runes
07. Castle Wewelsburg
08. Frostbite Division
09. In the city of trapped souls

Playing time: 47 minutes

Release date: 23rd of October, 2015

Label: Mighty Music

Website: Stahlsarg Official

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