Nonexist – Throne Of Scars


Nonexist album cover 2015 (final)

This is a project of Johan Reinholdz (Andromeda), together with Johan Liiva (known from Arch Enemy). Mr. Reinholdz is responsable for guitars, bass, keyboards and some singing and grunting parts. Mr. Liiva takes care of the lead vocals.

Listening to the music on the album, I get the impression that the drums are not played by a mortal. Sometimes they just don’t stick to the song. That is a big mistake if you ask me, because it would sound so much better with a good drummer. Johan’s voice reminds me a lot of Lars Göran Petrov, aggressive and harsh signing. On most of the songs, the music is rather hectic and without a lot of line. It is death metal with melodic pieces, some clean singing parts, nice guitar solos, sporadic accoustic guitar parts, keyboard pieces and spoken parts. For me, there is just a little too much going on and without enough structure. There are surely a lot of nice parts I like on the album, but from the first until the last song, I just don’t get it.

Perhaps it is just your thing, it wasn’t really mine.


01. A Promise Unfulfilled
02. Pyroclastic Cluster Torment
03. Rodents Of War
04. Enter Eternal Night
05. Before the Storm Takes Me
06. Cathedrals Beyond
07. The New Flesh
08. The Anotomy Of Insanity
09. Throne Of Scars

Playing time: 43:00

Release date: 10 October, 2015

Label: Mighty Music


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