My Dear Addiction – Kill the Silence



When I read the genre metalcore I have to think of bands like Merauder and Congress at first. By adding the word melodic in front of metalcore you can expect many things. Most of the times I have to conclude that melodic and metalcore are not a good marriage.

This is the second album of this Swedish band, in 2010 they already released ‘New Blood’. Let me say that there is not a lot what reminds me of the first 2 bands I mentioned in the first phrase. Sure there are some breakdowns and some harsh more aggressive parts, but the average metalcore fan will not like this album. I even ask myself for what fanbase the music of this band is made for. The older metal(core) freak will find too much clean and melodic sometimes almost poppy parts in the songs, so what reminds are the younger perhaps emo fans that like it a bit heavy, but not too aggressive. By adding some melodic death metal riffs in In Flames and Soilwork style they try to rescue the furniture but don’t really succeed.

The keyboards have a big role in the music and make some songs sound very sweet and poppy. The clean vocals sound too mawkish to impress me. Sometimes the clean singing parts have some Scar Symmetry influences, but never reach the same level of that band. Not an album I enjoy very much, but if you are a fan of for instance the band Survive This! or Falling In Reverse you should give it a chance. Perhaps even some Bring Me the Horizon fans that want to try some louder and wilder music will dig this. Below you find one of the heavier tracks on the album, so listen to some of the other tracks also before making conclusions.

For metalcore fans it is all too clean and too polished, this has not a lot to do with metalcore anymore.


01. Kill the Silence

02. A Promise

03. Winners

04. Beautiful

05. Unbreakable

06. Always Around You

07. All White

08. Veins

09. Face It And Rewind

10. Our Fire Inside


Playing time: 36:00

Release date: 8 January, 2016

Label: Dead End Exit Records


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