Morth – Towards the Endless Path

Towards the Endless Path” is a melodic black metal solo album by Georgi Georgiev a.k.a Erilyne on Morth, a multi-instrumentalist from Sandanski, Bulgaria who goes by many monikers due to his array of solo projects (Perverse Monastyr, Calth, Raggradarh etc.). This album contains 6 long tracks which accumulate to over an hour of pleasant listening…?

As a first full-length release I am afraid this album of Morth does not leave a very long and lasting impression on me. “Towards the Endless Path” progresses slowly with its mid-paced, repetitive rhythms and lifeless drum machine. I could not extract passion behind (albeit not all of them)┬áthe machinelike instruments. At times it sounds like an old Summoning album sprung from the 90s, other times it has the rawness, reminiscent and ambience of old (Darkthrone, Burzum) made more desirable by the utilization of the synth, which added depth and gave a more epic atmosphere stretching to nearly 13-minute tracks.

It is a nostalgic album, an album out of time. Perhaps it would have merited a better praise had it been in the earlier years but I have heard of these many times over, being done in more sophisticated ways and forms. Beautiful album cover, though!


1. Blasphemy
2. Fate Revealed
3. Bloodstained
4. The Art of Deception
5. Vampire Manifesto
6. Heart of the Blackbird
7. Breathe

Playing Time: 01:05:14

Release date: December 14, 2015

Label: Grand Sounds PR


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