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Karmakanic is one of many side-projects involving members of The Flower Kings, and “DOT” is album number five from this unit run by song writer, bassplayer and producer Jonas Reingold. And he has assembled a real all-star band with Göran Edman on vocals, Lalle Larsson on keyboards, Krister Jonsson on guitars and Morgan Ågren on drums completing the line-up.

And a few guests join the fun as well: Nils Erikson (vocals), Andy Tillison (Hammond Organ), Ray Aichinger (saxophone, flute), Christine Lenk (vocals) and Andy Bartosch (guitars) takes part as well as Jonas’ two sons Alex and Norah on vocals.

The inspiration for the albums centrepiece; the two part epic “God the Universe and Everything No One Really Cares About” came from a  text by the famous American author and astronomer Carl Sagan. Where he was talking about how small and insignificant we are in this vast universe. The short rocker “Steer by the Stars” was co-written by Andy Tillison (The Tangent), the other epic “Higher Ground” is about Jonas’ upbringing; good and bad living in small town Sweden. And last song (“Dot” is only a short intro) “Traveling Minds” should bring us back the vibe of the classic Yes song “And You and I”.

I don’t think I need to state that this is first-class craftsmanship all the way? From the brilliant production done by the leader of the pack himself, thru the excellent musicianship and song writing and so on… This is pure and simply magnificent Swedish Prog Rock of the highest calibre.

Each song is a small gem; a true jewel cut just right, and I can only strongly recommend this album for all fans of Swedish Prog Rock and Prog Rock in general – I am sure it won’t disappoint in any way!



  1. Dot (1:04)
  2. God the Universe and Everything Else No One Really Cares About, Pt. I (23:45)
  3. Higher Gound (10:10)
  4. Steer by the Stars (4:22)
  5. Traveling Minds (4:59)
  6. God the Universe and Everything Else No One Really Cares About, Pt. II (5:57)

Playing Time: 50:18

Release date: July 22, 2016

Label: InsideOut Music

Website: Karmakanic @ Facebook

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