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Melodic metal core is a sub-genre that’s at odds with a lot of metal fans and although there is a fan base for it,there’s a lot of metal heads that reject the style. Bands such as Architects and even Bring me the Horizon have suffered from this isolation from the metal community. Despite this, Bury Tomorrow remain strong and with perseverance, they’ve become one of the biggest bands in this underrated sub-genre. Hailing from Southampton UK, they’ve built a large cult following and as their popularity grew they now find themselves touring with the likes of Australian hardcore giants, Parkway Drive. And with the release of their second full length album, Earthbound, the band show they’re as strong as ever as they unleash their best work into the stratosphere.

Earthbound offers a selection of skilfully crafted tracks that are filled with haunting melodies, impressive riffs that all come together to create a huge amount of power. The title track, which is also the album’s lead single, is just one example that shows off the band’s talent for writing intricate, complex riffs while still managing to obtain enough force to make an impact. Along with their heavy, clunky riffs, the mixture of clean and gritty vocals not only shows off the dynamic vocal range of front man, Dani Winter-Bates, but also gives their music even more edge and heaviness. At times his vocals are similar to death metal-they can be that aggressive at times.

There isn’t a single track that doesn’t stand out on the album but there are definitely a few highlights. One of the most powerful tracks is ‘301,’ and the speed along with the momentum adds a true heaviness to the song; the power chords in the chorus also give the song a stadium sized sound. While ‘Last Light,’ another memorable track, is driven mainly by speed and the song eventually cascades into an impressive stream of catastrophic riffage before launching into yet another one of their signature melodic chorus’s. Although the album has many highs there’s a few lows. To be frank, there’s nothing original about Bury Tomorrow’s music and at times it can feel a bit tiresome to listen too. The biggest problem I have with the music are the lyrics. The lyrics really downgrade the music because they’re so cheesy and unimaginative. Furthermore, the lyrics along with other aspects of the music such as the clean vocals at times are reminiscent of emo, a sub-genre greatly disliked by metal fans.

Despite the album’s faults the pros out way the negative and if you like the metal core style music it’s album absolutely worth your time. Furthermore, Bury Tomorrow have started off 2016 on top of their game with Earthbound. It’s a real shame that melodic death core is such an over looked sub-genre because it has some incredible music to offer.

Track listing:

1. The Eternal
2. Last light
3. Earthbound
4. The Burden
5. Cemetery
6. Restless & Cold
7. 301
8. Memories
9. For us
10. Bloodline

Playing time: 36:32

Release date: 29th January 2016

Record Label: Nuclear Blast

Website: http://www.burytomorrow.co/

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