Black Magic Fools – Soul Collector


With labels in their chosen genre description such as jester metal and medieval metal, one would be lying if they said they weren’t curious to find out more. The band in question to offer this up are Swedish outfit Black Magic Fools and they have brought fourth their debut full length album “Soul Collector” that will no doubt do more than turn a few heads. It will actually form an army of worshipers, that’s the spell this album casts.

For those who are unaware of this group of medieval metal minstrels here is some more information about them. Their formation took place in the year of 2008 where they showcased their sound through a large number of gigs and festivals across Sweden. They even appeared on a Swedish television show called Rampljuset, the same year they played at the German festival Hörnerfest outside Hamburg and on the Rockbitchboat to Riga in Latvia.

The album itself takes the listener onto an epic quest, accompanied by the sweet music from the folklore. If you imagine Eluvetie meets Moonsorrow and then add Korpiklanni then you get the sounds of Black Magic Fools. The smooth musical arrangements and tight sound that keeps the listener heavily engaged is one of the reasons why this album has a lot of potential. The highlights include “A Jester’s Confession”, “Black Jig” and “Dansa I Natt”; these are the type of tunes that will have metalheads breaking out into dances around the circle pit.

It is recommended if you particularly love folk metal, then please give this album a listen. It’s a beautiful combination of violins, accordions and a lot of metal.


01. Fools Parade

02. Grave Dancer

03. Lies

04. Salvation

05. Black Jig

06. Last Supper

07. Soul Collector

08. A Jester’s Confession

09. Dansa I Natt

10. Not My Truth

11. Vädjan

Playing time:  46:18

Release date:  Independent

Label:  19th February 2016

Website: Black Magic Fools Official Page

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