Vita Museum emerge from limbo

vmVita Museum, an Alternative Rock band based in London, have just inked a record deal with Sliptrick Records. The current line-up of the band is: Ivan King (Vocals and Rhythm Guitars), Nicolas IX (Drums) and Jan Argenio (Bass Guitar).

Vita Museum’s style has been influenced by various genres like grunge, electro, gothic and industrial rock. The band started recording the debut album “Frozen Limbo Zero” (aka FLØ) in August 2014. The record features twelve tracks: all of them were composed and written by Ivan King during the last ten years and they’re based on his own personal life experiences. FLØ is produced and arranged by multi-instrumentalist and producer NeroArgento at AExeron Studio.

“Frozen Limbo Zero” is finally set to be released by the end of 2015 courtesy of Sliptrick Records. The band is working on a new video-clip. Meanwhile check out the lyric video to ‘Somebody To Destroy’, a song appearing in “Frozen Limbo Zero”:

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