Video Premiere Sci-Fi Inspired RAPHEUMETS WELL ‘Crucible of Titans’

For fans of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Septic Flesh, Dimmu Borgir, Cattle Decapitation

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Decibel Mag Video Premiere Sci-Fi Inspired RAPHEUMETS WELL ‘Crucible of Titans’

     Unleashing their album ‘The Exile’ this past March via Test Your Metal Records, Hickory, NC based RAPHEUMETS WELL have a new music video to wow fans with a visual world of their sci-fi/ fantasy inspired metal and concept story album. The video ‘Crucible of Titans’ is just once piece of the story line as drummer Joshua Ward explains:

“In our song ‘Crucible of Titans’, Darmak is confronted by an Okvier named Sen, an inter-dimensional being who offers help to Darmak as Sotath’s plan was illusive even to the celestial counsel. Darmak is asked to spy on the traitor in hopes of revealing his agenda. Things go very wrong. Being ratted out by a family friend, Darmak is forced to look on as his family is executed. Darmak is sent to the realm between realms, away from the eyes of celestial order. The demonic servants of Sotath bind a rare artifact to his bones which will forbid him to die. They tear his skin from his bones only to have his organs regenerate and repeat. Having his flesh skin torn multiple times each day and left to ruminate on his families execution, he is cursed to walked the desert of the Nastar (lost realm) until his spirit literally fragments and he ceases to exist. This is the crucible of titans and why we chose to do this video. We actually shot and produced our own video due to budget constraints, but we worked extremely hard and we hope everyone enjoys the work and creativity of the story.”

To watch ‘Crucible of Titans’ and learn more about ‘The Exile story line, please visit the following link on Decibel Mag: 


To listen to the full album stream of ‘The Exile’, please visit the following link:

Bandcamp – 


Album available on CD here and digital here.


1. Resurrecting The Blood Gate (4:44) 
2. The Blight of Sotath Shal (3:53)
3. The Epic of Darmak (4:59)
4. Crucible of Titans (4:14)
5. Resurgence (6:07)
6. Witch of Dark Spire (5:17)
7. The Exile (6:13)
8. Planetary Cenotaph (5:05)
Album Length: 40:37

From the birth of organic matter to great wars that tear the fabric of space/time, the story of RAPHEUMETS WELL’s music serves to immerse you into a world of oddities. Blending a sound that is a complex mix of classical orchestrations, cosmic synths, and extreme metal to portray the epics of parallel worlds, the Hickory, N.C. based band bring forth a voyage enriched with lore, fabricated from scratch to show the depth in which represents them as artists. Their sophomore release The Exile’ is out now as of March 18th via Test Your Metal Records to follow their first self release full length ‘Dimensions’ unleashed in 2014 that progressively told a larger story portrayed in a complex saga of Atai (ancient architects) who aid in the propagation of sentient life throughout the multi-verse.

Live the band’s concert theatrics is a show truly to entertain the crowd with an opus of metal while still satisfying their story lines in their music creating an intimate but relatable ambiance for fans, especially those who enjoy bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Faceless, Emperor, Black Crown Initiate.

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