VÅREN: New project by THYRGRIM mastermind Kain

During the writing progress for the current THYRGRIM album “Dekaden”, mastermind Kain collected ideas which didn’t fit into the band’s concept. But the emotions and thoughts were too impressive to let them go into oblivion. Thats why Kain decided to realize this feelings and fragments in a new project – influenced by searching, grief, pain, loss, depression and death.

The name of the project is VÅREN (spring in Swedish) and doesn’t raise a claim to be a band. In fact, it is an outlet for Kain to give situational feelings a musical voice. There won’t be any albums or release dates, the songs will be published online every time there is one ready.

Listen to a short preview of VÅREN: https://soundcloud.com/varenbm/first-impressions

More information can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/varenbm

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