THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM – Leif Edling discusses his new band

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Leif Edling discusses his new project

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Bringers of darkness, THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM, once again echo through the obscurest corners of the catacombs. The band’s demo EP »Never Machine«, led by CANDLEMASS‘ virtuoso Leif Edling will be out on November 25th. However, this is only the beginning of a new reign of doom metal.
“I’m so happy that things are moving into the right direction for THE DOOMDAY KINGDOM!”, Doomfather Leif comments. “I’ve been putting my heart and soul into the new EP and album for about two and a half years now. So it’s very relieving to finally see an end to all the work. Soon the world will hear the sound of the catacombs coming to life! 

I’m currently doing the final touches to the album. It is recorded, mixed and mastered, and came out absolutely
fantastic! Just a few graphic things left with photos, booklet etc and then it will be ready. I’m very proud of this album! It sounds so good, therefore the visual aspect has to be just as great, when it sees the light of day in March next year!

In the meantime, I hope people will enjoy the EP »Never Machine«. It’s rough, it’s raw, it’s direct! Give’s a hint of what’s coming!”

Last week, THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM unleashed their first lyric video for the track ‘The Sceptre’, dealing with an eternal war between the red and the black queen. Watch the mezmerising clip
At Roadburn in April 2017, the band will play their first ever performance with the recovered Leif Edling live on stage! Don’t miss this gloomy happening.
THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM’s new EP »Never Machine« will contain these four enthralling songs as demo-versions:
01. Never Machine
02. The Sceptre
03. Zodiac City
04. The Whispering
Order the different vinyl formats in our Nuclear Blast shop:
Niklas Stålvind – vocals
Marcus Jidell – guitars
Leif Edling – bass
Andreas (Habo) Johansson – drums
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