SCHIZO: reissue of “Main Frame Collapse” coming up

On January 25, the reissue of Main Frame Collapse” will be available disponibile, the masterpiece album that made SCHIZO a world-wide known cult band and that to this day is mentioned by most bands of the international extreme metal scene as a inspirational source.

The reissue will be released by Punishment 18 Records and will contain a completely re-mastered version, featuring a booklet enhanced by previously unpublished pictures and adapted to the CD format.

The track-list is as follows:

1.             Violence at the Morgue               

2.             Threshold of Pain           

3.             Make Her Bleed Slowly                

4.             Epileptic Void  

5.             Removal Part 1 & 2       

6.             Psycho Terror                      

7.             Sick of It All!      

8.             Manifold Hallucinations             

9.             Behind That Curtain     

10.          Main Frame Collapse  

11.          Delayed Death

Meanwhile the band from Catania (Italy) is looking forward revealing the details about the new album soon to be released. Further info will follow shortly.

SCHIZO Official Web Site

SCHIZO  Official Fb page


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