SABATON – third album trailer for “The Last Stand” revealed

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third album trailer for »The Last Stand« revealed!

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Swedish heavy metal heroes SABATON will release their brand-new, 8th studio album, »The Last Stand« on August 19th through Nuclear Blast. Today, the band have revealed the third album trailer. Watch it here:
Watch the previous parts here!
A few weeks ago, SABATON released the first single called ‘The Lost Battalion’. Watch the lyric video for the track here:
Get the digital single here:
The story behind:
‘The Lost Battalion’ is the name given to nine companies of the United States’ 77th Division during the battle of the Argonne in 1918. Even though these 550-575 brave men were completely surrounded by the German Army and subjected to friendly artillery fire, they kept on fighting for a week until they were relieved. Of the over 500-plus soldiers who entered the Argonne Forest, only 194 walked out unscathed. The rest were killed, missing, captured, or wounded.
Pre-order »The Last Stand« now in various formats:
Or digitally:
»The Last Stand« – Formats:
– CD+DVD-DIGI (incl. live DVD)
– CD
– Box (incl. Earbook, 2LP PIC, 12″ photo card, 12″ poster, three plectra)
– 2LP (black, clear, gold, yellow/blue)
– Special Edition (SABATON tank + box)
– Digital
»The Last Stand« – Tracklisting:
01. Sparta
02. Last Dying Breath
03. Blood Of Bannockburn
04. Diary Of An Unknown Soldier
05. The Lost Battalion
06. Rorke’s Drift
07. The Last Stand
08. Hill 3234
09. Shiroyama
10. Winged Hussars
11. The Last Battle
12. Camouflage
13. All Guns Blazing
DVD – Live @ Stereolux, Nantes (France)
01. Intro (The March To War)
02. Ghost Division
03. Far From The Fame
04. Uprising
05. Midway
06. Gott Mit Uns
07. Resist And Bite
08. Wolfpack
09. Dominium Maris Baltici
10. Carolus Rex
11. Swedish Pagans
12. Soldier Of 3 Armies
13. Attero Dominatus
14. The Art Of War
15. Wind Of Change
16. To Hell And Back
17. Night Witches
18. Primo Victoria
19. Metal Crüe
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