John Dallas signs with Street Symphonies Records

John Dallas

John Dallas inked a deal with Street Symphonies Records to publish his debut album “Wild Life”, scheduled for an early Fall release.


John Dallas aka Luca Stanzani was born in Bologna, Italy. He starts playing acoustic guitar and singing when he’s 15, fostering his passion for hard rock music thanks to famous bands (Queen, AC/DC, Guns ‘N Roses, Van Halen) and 70’s rock legends (The Doors, Deep Purple). His musical evolution takes place on the road, jamming with well-known musicians of the Bologna-based underground scene. In 1988, as singer in a band, he meets Federico Albertazzi, a very skilled eclectic guitarist strongly influenced by hard rock music. This is his artistic turning point: Luca understands American rock is the path to follow. Luca’s younger brother, Andrea, joins in on drums and, together with a new keyboardist, the band kicks off a local tour under the moniker Presidio. In 2000, the band becomes Afterlife: the sound is influenced by Dokken, but with a strong personal touch. The first original songs are featured in the demos Check Mate (2001) and Deep Eyes (2003). The moniker changes again in Red Burn: Luca chooses another guitarist, Alessandro, who however comes into conflict with Federico; after a successful Live CD, Federico leaves the band. Alessandro introduces to the remaining members some new tracks, that mix perfectly Van Halen, Satriani, Slash, Angus and Blackmore. With the new bass player Daniele the band starts over, playing live from 2004 to 2008. In 2008 the band enters the recording studio and the first self-produced album sees the light when the band breaks up again due to constant tensions. After years of silence, in 2013 Luca and Andrea end up jamming with some friends, composing several songs that are too good to waste. Luca enters the Boat Studio in Calderara (Bologna, Italy) and records the master John Dallas – “Wild Life”, sounding like 90’s Bon Jovi and Van Halen, then inks a deal with label Street Symphonies Records and starts playing live gigs as John Dallas. This time, Luca holds the project in his hands: the album is recorded with some friends who, due to personal reasons, don’t join the band. For the live acts, Luca recruits the best musicians he knows: his brother Andrea aka Andrew (Speed Stroke) on drums; Matteo Carbo Carboni aka Black Sam Carbo (Red Burn) on bass and the virtuous Mauro Minelli aka Tom Angels (White Stars, High Gain) on guitar.


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