Impalers release new ‘MEGALODON’ single today! 

IMPALERS  ‘Thrash Metal That Will Hunt You Down And Kill You 

We are immensely proud and excited to announce that Impalers will release a new single entitled ‘Megalodon’ from the forthcoming ‘Styx Demon: The Master of Death’ EP on Friday, 23rd September 2016. Megalodon is released on all digital distribution platforms via Evil EyE Records and fans can also receive the single as a free download when they purchase a Megalodon t-shirt from the following link.

Evil EyE Records:

Megalodon Video YouTube Link:





Formed in 2007, Impalers are a teutonic thrash steamhammer combining sniper precision riffs with a minefield of politically charged lyrics in the vein of SODOM, KREATOR, DESTRUCTION and METALLICA amongst others. 

Impalers frontman Soren Crawack made the following statement regarding the inspiration & story behind Megalodon: “The Song is one of the most AGGRESSIVE, BRUTAL and TO-THE-POINT SONGS we’ve ever done. And since we had chosen to go with a kind of a pre-historic theme on this EP, I couldn’t think of a more fitting subject than the biggest and baddest killer the oceans had ever seen.” 




The ‘Megalodon’ single was produced, mixed and mastered by Marco Angioni (Death Island Studios:, while the singles artwork was designed by Mario Lopez (Mario Lopez Design:!acrylics/c22j5).

Discography               Videography

2009 – Army of Darkness Demo        2013 – Nuclear Nights (Music Video)
2011 – A Necessary Evil Demo          2013 – Power Behind The Throne (Lyric Video)
2013 – Power behind the Throne       2014 – The Hammer (Music Video)
2015 – Prepare For War EP               2015 – Prepare For War (Music Video)
2015 – God From The Machine         2015 – God From The Machine (Music Video)
2016 – Styx Demon EP                      2016 – Styx Demon (Music Video)



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