Hautajaisyö – Self-Titled Debut Album out now

Melancholy driven metal of desperation, self destruction and death. A plunge deep into the source of hidden fear and agony. Music filled with all the pain in the world to accompany you on your last journey you will never return from. The band tells about its music.

As mentioned, death metal can be depressing and it is at points, but this Finnish quartet take being depressive music to a new level. It may be a little hard to wrap your head around at first because you don’t know whether to headbang or hang yourself, and maybe you can do both at the same time.” Cadaver Garden Blog

Hautajaisyö (Funeral Night) was formed in 2014 and plays melancholy thrash & death metal. Band music focuses on catchy riffs, low growling vocals, finnish lyrics and groove elements. Songs have been stripped from anything nonsense and what is left is mix of pure aggression and deep sorrow. Lyrics of the songs tells stories of failure, death, suicide and mental problems. Hautajaisyö has released ”Uneenkuiskaajat 2015 promo” in January and now band will release its debut album in October 31st 2015 through Inverse Records.

Listen to Hautajaisyö on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6mRq5F1hGNhWp8jAkEd0CQ
Download Hautajaisyö on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Hautajaisy%C3%B6_Hautajaisy%C3%B6?id=Bl5xnpm7u524pdcxsbhyykyru4u

Promo stuff http://www.unomas.fi/

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