HANGING GARDEN – Backwoods Sessions – out now

HANGING GARDEN – Backwoods Sessions – out now
In July 2015 HANGING GARDEN recorded and filmed the live performance for five songs. The 2-day session, called “Backwoods Sessions”, took place in the woods of Pernaja in a location familiar from one of the band’s earlier music videos. One of the key songs in this session was the Jeff Buckley cover “Dream Brother”, which was arranged to portray the current sound of Hanging Garden. This was also the band’s last performance with drummer Antti Ruokola (2010-2015).

“Backwoods Sessions” videos on Youtube:

1. Dream Brother (Jeff Buckley cover)
2. Whiteout
3. My Rising Is Your Fall
4. Words That Bear No Meaning
5. Borrowed Eyes

The full “Backwood Sessions” now available on iTunes and Spotify:

HANGING GARDEN are all about atmospheric and heavy music – no matter which musical style is necessary to create impressive contrasts that affect listeners in the innermost. Being around since 2004 and having released two albums for Spikefarm Records – “Inherit The Eden” (2004) and “Teotwawki” (2009) – the Finnish group already introduced their view on depressive and emotional disturbing music that is based on the dualism of beauty and harshness. With LIFEFORCE RECORDS debut “At Every Door” (2013) and follow-up EP “I Was A Soldier” (2013) the band discovered an even more accentuated and distinctive mix of different genres including doom influences, melodic death, post metal and post rock as well as acoustic and folk quotations.

The Finns do not follow trends and defy conventions. “Blackout Whiteout” is the fourth full length of the Finns, and follows the path of its precursors. Without noticeable velocity HANGING GARDEN build up an apocalyptic view on the world dominated by humans and a balefully future. The title already reflects an inner conflict and a putative antagonism. Following the nine tracks there are hints of optimism, but overall listeners will undergo depressive and less confident music. In addition, the importance of subtle modifications increases when it comes to the songwriting of the new album. HANGING GARDEN know how to integrate subliminal tendencies to ensnare listeners and to enable them to immerge into the graceful, yet emotional darkness of “Blackout Whiteout”.

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