Destr├Âyer 666 re-sign to Season of Mist

Season of Mist are proud to announce the re-signing of DESTRÖYER 666. The influential war metal cult act will again release its next extreme masterpiece via this label.
Regarding their re-signing, KK┬ácomments:┬á”Believing it is preferable to go with the devil you know, DESTR├ûYER 666 have signed for our next album with Season of Mist.”

Season of Mist CEO, Michael Berberian adds:┬á”Even though they are not the most easy to deal with, resigning DESTR├ûYER 666 is something I really wanted. When you operate in the metal scene, you sometimes need to face the real bad boys.┬áThis is not about playing safe.”

DESTRÖYER 666 have already announced several festival appearances this summer and beyond. See below for the dates.

04 Sep 15 Vaires-Torcy (FR) Base de Plein-Air (Fall of Summer Festival)
09 Oct 15 Bucuresti (RO) Club Fabrica (Old Grave Festival)
16 Oct 15 S├®lestat (FR) Les Tanzmatten (Rock Your Brain Fest)
17 Oct 15 Bron (FR) Jack Jack (Black Arts Ceremony IV)
30 Oct 15 Dublin (IE) Voodoo Lounge (Fires of Samhain: Initium)
12 Nov 15 Helsinki (FI) Nosturi (Black Flames of Blasphemy)
28 May 16 Baltimore, MD (US) Maryland Deathfest (exact date tbc)
01 Jul 16 Bengtsfors (SE) Folkparken Valhall (2Heavy4You Festival)

DESTRÖYER 666 are currently working on a tour in South America during mid-January 2016 and Australian dates soon afterwards.
No strangers to the scene, KK and DESTRÖYER 666 are back spitting fire, venom, and vitriol!

Set to record late this July, their forthcoming album promises a return to their thrashing roots – with a healthy dose of heavy metal sensibilities thrown in for good measure.

When asked, why the delay between albums, KK┬áresponded: “I have been busy with what every red blooded headbanger wants to do, tons of sex, drugs, and heavy metal – just a lot more from all of it than I had planned. Well, now I have taken a break from such things to finish the album, deal with wankers, and start gigging again.”

Currently DESTRÖYER 666 are getting ready for their next heavy and hard strike!

KK - guitars, vocals
Ro – guitars, vocals
Felipe – bass
Perra – drums

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