Interview with Sean Maia vocalist of Disquiet

This Dutch thrash band just released their new album ‘The Condemnation’. A modern thrash album with roots from the Bay Area combined with Scandinavian death metal melodies and riffs. The album hasn’t been out of my stereo since. Time for the Power of Metal site to ask their vocalist Sean Maia some questions about the band and of course about the new album!


Can you please tell our readers a short version of the history of the band?

Disquiet started back in 2000, but we consider this as a prequel. The official re-establishment was in 2008 with our EP ‘Hate Incarnate’. We started working with Tommie Bonajo who gave us the sound we were looking for. In 2012, we launched ‘Scars of Undying Grief’, which resulted in a lot of shows including Wacken Open Air. In 2014 we started writing and recording ‘The Condemnation’ and here we are in 2016. The Dutch melodic thrash outfit Disquiet was restablished in 2016.

By what bands or artists is Disquiet influenced?

We’ve got our bay area thrash roots (Testament, Exodus) combined with the melodic Scandinavian bands like At the Gates, Arch Enemy, Soilwork.


Is it possible that some metalheads do know the members from playing in other bands before? And if so, from what bands?

Before Disquiet, Arthur and Fabian used to play in Nox Aeterna, Menno used to play in Saharian, Frank still plays in Player (Slayer coverband) and Bloodgod. I used to be the vocalist in Xeddex and i,m still in Kamikaze and Oproerkraaiers. But these are really underground, so i don’t think they’ll know.

After your debut album ‘Scars of Undying Grief’, there also came a lot more interest for the band from outside the Netherlands. The band played in 2012 at W.O.A. for instance. Can you tell something about that experience?

This was one of the best experiences we ever had. We didn,t have the slightest idea what we could expect so the impact was great. We were delayed a little, so there was no time to stress, but plug and play.

Speaking about gigs, the band also played in Suriname, not a typical country for a metal band to perform. How was that and are there many metal fans in Suriname?

The show in Suriname was arranged by Jerry Orie our former bass player (also the ex bassplayer of Cypher). I know this guy for ages since I lived in Suriname till ’96. We had a blast there in Surinam, we didn’t know what to expect of the people there, if they would like our music and how everything would be arranged but it was fantastic! We even made it there to the national tv and radio. The metalscene is obviously not as big as ours but the enthousiasm was enormous!

In 2015 Koen Romeijn left the band and was replaced rather fast by Frank van Boven. Why did Koen leave and how did the band recruit Frank so fast?

Koen got very busy with his bands Heidevolk and Apophys so he and Disquiet decided to part ways. You can hear him on the new cd as he did a great job! Frank already played a few gigs with us when Koen couldn’t make it so the choice was easily made.

Your new album is released worldwide by Soulseller Records, why that label and are you satisfied so far with the cooperation?

Our guitarplayer Menno is a good friend with the owner. The label is known for its mainly black metal releases (Gorgoroth for instance). But the time was right for both sides to collaborate. We’re very satisfied how things are organized. Distribution and promotion is a lot easier with a good organized label.

What is in your eyes the biggest difference between you 2012 debut and your new album ‘The Condemnation’? In songwriting, sound etc etc.

The sound of ‘The Condemnation’ is much more aggresive overall in comparison with ‘Scars of Undying Grief’ and much more mature. The sounds of the guitars are much ticker and they sound dirtier and more brutal. The lyrics are about the urge for power and control over other people; a general observation of the whole album and modern life’s trend of becoming more egocentric and basically selfish.


There are 2 songs that took my attention, first the song “Las ‘Pasi”, what does the title mean and is the song about?

Las’ pasi is written in Surinamese and means “lost”. It’s about oppressed people in the world that are tired of their corrupt leaders. It’s the voice of the “small man” against the oppressors.

The other one is “The Great Divide”, not a typical thrash song, what is the idea behind that track? I even hear a kind of Faith No More part…

This song starts with a war poetry speech ‘Dulce Et Decorem Est’ by Wilfred Owen. It’s about the false pretext including young soldiers in the first world war that were recruited. You can hear a soundfragment of it in the intro of the song. We did some deviating vocals on this one and of course we never thought about others opinion that it sounds a little bit Faith No More (you’re not the first person). It gives that ‘anthem vibe’ to the course, so hopefully everyone can sing along!

The art-work looks outstanding, is there a link with the lyrical theme and the video?

Yes, we’re very proud of it! Kevin Storm ( is responsable for the art-work. You see an Archer firing an arrow, but if you look at the three-piece digipack, you’ll see that the arrow that he shoots eventually ends up in his own back. This is also in support of the ‘ what goes around, comes around ‘ theme. Our videoclip ‘The Condemnation’ also shows this theme with a girl in the video that stabbes the voodoo doll, ending up being the victim of her own bad intentions.

The album also sounds very heavy and tight, who is responsable for that?

I believe our drummer Arthur did some research years ago on Dutch producers that were producing bands with a certain “clear and pounding fat sound”. So we came in contact with Tommie Bonajo ( because we were convinced that he could gives us that detailed, clear and heavy sound. The cooperation for ‘Hate Incarnate’ directly went very easy. We were very excited about the end product, so it was very clear that we would work again with him on ‘Scars Or Undying Grief’ and ‘The Condemnation’.

There are a lot of thrash bands at the moment, what does Disquiet make different from the lot and why should thrash lovers buy your album?

We’re not a typical thrash band. Actually we’re not a typical metalband ‘cause there are a lot of styles involved. We try to avoid clichés, writing catchy guitarriffs, lots of grooving melodies and diverse vocal styles.


I read that you are going on tour in the U.K., how did you get those gigs so fast after the release and are you a popular band (how many visitors do you expect) there?

We don’t know yet, because it’s our first time in the UK. With this release we’ll try make a step forward, so that means bigger shows and hopefully a lot of international adventures.

If you have to name six albums that really show what thrash is about, which 6 would that be?

Difficult one, i’d rather like to mention 6 albums which influenced Disquiet most. Allright? Here we go:

Death – Symbolic
The Haunted – The Haunted
Carcass – Heartwork
At the Gates – Slaughter of the Soul
Arch Enemy – Burning Bridges
Metallica – Ride the Lighting

If there are any other things you want to share with our readers, here is your chance….

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Line up:

Guitars: Fabian Verweij
Drums: Arthur Stam
Bass: Frank van Boven
Vocals: Sean Maia
Guitars: Menno Ruijzendaal



Hate Incarnate (demo 2008)
Scars of Undying Grief (2011)
The Condemnation (2016)




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