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Battle of the Bays 2016

9th November 2016 Thomas Nielsen

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the announcement of the Battle of the Bays billing. Obituary, Exodus and Prong sharing stage in a fairly small venue? Almost too good to be true, but [Read »]

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Grim Reaper – London, England (23/09/2016)

11th October 2016 Chris Galea

Event:            Grim Reaper “Walking In The Shadows” album launch Bands:           Grim Reaper, Neuronspoiler, The Darker My Horizon Venue:          ‘The Underworld’, London. (England) Date:             23rd September, 2016 . (The) Grim Reaper live in the Underworld….. that [Read »]

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Queensrÿche, Aarhus, Denmark

10th September 2016 Thomas Nielsen

Queensrÿche Malrun Venue: Train, Aarhus, Denmark Date: 7th of September, 2016 There are bands and there are bands. In my world, there are few bands like Queensrÿche. With especially the three albums ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ (1988), [Read »]

Live Reviews

Mearfest 2016

29th August 2016 Chris Galea

Event: Mearfest (4th edition) Date: Saturday 13th August, 2016 Location: ‘The Borderline’, London, England. (EU) Bands: Desolation Angels, The Deep, Sacrilege, Troyen, Kaine, Not Fit For Humans . Fund-raising Metal festivals is a concept I’m [Read »]