Album Reviews

Helhorse – Helhorse

21st May 2016 Thomas Nielsen

Over the years, there have been sludge/stoner bands I liked – or at least appreciated. But on the whole, I had enough at a very early stage. There are SO MANY of those bands! “We [Read »]

Album Reviews

Pander – Fierce Self

28th February 2016 Reinier de Vries

Every now and then I receive a hardcopy from a band on a local label. With all new international releases I hardly can find the time to review these albums, but I always put them on [Read »]

Album Reviews

Egonaut – Deluminati

29th August 2015 Thomas Nielsen

You can hardly say that Swedish retro/stoner/doom hardrockers Egonaut offer anything new to the world of metal, but their new release is nevertheless a decent effort – however not perfect. Starting out very elegantly with the flaws [Read »]